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Proudly rated 5 out of 5 stars based on reviews from across the world wide web.

“My name is Myah Johnson and I am the CEO of Prestigious Therapy Consulting Services.  I contacted Mr. Padgett to obtain pertinent information when you're interested in trying to create a website and he was very professional and knowledgeable regarding the subject matter. He even provided me with great advice regarding my own company. As a result of that, I retained him to create my website and he did an outstanding job.

When I reviewed my website, it brought tears to my eyes because it was so well done.  He perfected every detail and it's exquisite. Mr. Padgett is a perfectionist and very skilled at his craft. I would highly recommend him to work with all organizations and individuals that are starting their business due to his experience, great professionalism, and how beautiful the website will look.  Mr. Padgett is the best in the nation".

- Myah Johnson

"Setting up a website with Peachtree City Websites was very easy to start with minimal start up costs! I have been with them now for over a year, and Peachtree City Websites has yet to disappoint me. In the days of text messaging and Facebook, you need a customized website with your OWN domain name to look professional".

- Mark Butler

"Caring, kind, professional, and a teacher's heart are just a few words to describe Peachtree City Websites and their wonderful work.  Their creativity has brought many faces to life.  Every time I see my site I can't help but smile.  They are able to capture you in so many ways; not only with pictures but with a biography which is a great way to show true character.


They are extremely efficient, fast, and agreeable.  They never fail to impress me by how quickly they can fix or change something on my site. Having a professional website that is pleasing to the eye is key in any business.  Thank you for your kindness and know you are helping many people see their dreams come true".

- Jessica Sherr

"I want to say thanks to Peachtree City Websites skillful design. I've received many compliments on the look and design of my website.  Maintaining and updating my website has been a breeze.  The customer service is excellent and I always get a rapid response to my emails and questions.  Thanks so much for all of your hard work".

- Karen Ladouceur

"Thanks for the website!  You are so diligent and also comply with all my requests!  Your hard work is appreciated!  Many Thanks".

- Olga Karmansky

"I am very pleased with the website designed by Peachtree City Websites.  They use their creativity, but allow me to have my own input into the site development.  Many of my contacts have expressed to me how professional the site is and several

friends have assured me that they will contact Peachtree City Websites to get their own site up and running".

- BL Dillard

"Thanks Peachtree City Websites for helping the vision I had for my website become a reality! As the owner and sole therapist of a counseling and psychotherapy practice, I wanted a site that was clean, professional and would truly reflect my energy and personality. I provided Peachtree City Websites with my logo, the website copy, my color scheme and the rest is history! They were incredibly patient in answering all of my questions and they quickly responded to my requests for changes. I had so many, and was worried that they were going to fire me! The patience they displayed really showed they care about their clients and want them to be satisfied. As my business grows, I can't wait to add more features. Thanks again for a job well done".

- Alison E. Reed, MS, LPC


"Peachtree City Websites work is amazing! They are so professional and talented! I’m very happy with my website and I am so thankful that they were able to understand and produce my ideas. They have been so fun to work with! They are always quick to respond and very affordable. I recommend them to everyone! I can't tell you how convenient it has been for me to have a website with the ability and edge to show potential clients my work. Thank you for all your cooperation and advice".

- Shannon Pulley

“Peachtree City Websites did an excellent job with our website! Due to a bad previous experience, I was searching for someone reliable, who would communicate with me and make updates quickly. Peachtree City Websites is very dependable, very fast and always available when you need them. I don't know how they do it, with the amount of websites they monitor, but I am grateful to have found them!  I get so many compliments and my business is picking up. Thank you"!

- Stephanie T. Suell

"Peachtree City Websites is very professional and Elite 8 Media is happy to have their talents being shown throughout our company's webpage! They are patient, creative, have a swift turnaround time and are never unprofessional. Their business ethnics should be the foundation for all other up and coming web design companies".

- Andraes Luckie Hubbard

"Peachtree City Websites crisp, distinctive design conveys both professionalism and style.  Since coming online with them, I have said good-bye to "System Delivery Errors" and bouncing e-mails, because the image files I tried to send were too big.  Now, I just e-mail a link to my website and wait for the offers to come in.  Peachtree City Websites is a joy to work with.  Their fast turn-around time and friendly-yet-professional attitude reflect their commitment to superior customer support.  I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a great looking website that gets results".

- Caroline Gotschall

"Peachtree City Websites is heaven sent and we are grateful for their artistic design to our company's webpage!  They are patient, professional, creative and get the work done in a timely manner! Keep up the good work. We look forward to continuing our business with you".

- Terry & Kim Davis

"I have been a website customer for almost three years now.  My website is running great and I still have not had any problems.  To this day I get great customer service.  Peachtree City Websites is doing a great job.  Having this website has made my career look more professional and has helped me out in tremendous ways. The website they have created for me has been exactly what I have been in search for. I recommend them to all my friends and family in the industry. It is rare to run into good, honest workers in this industry but when you do, it is refreshing. Continue to keep up the awesome work.  Thank you Peachtree City Websites for doing a wonderful job".

- DeMarcus Reed

"You will almost never find the best job for the best price. Peachtree City Websites not only created a great website for my production company, but they did it faster and for less money than I could have ever imagined. When clients view my website, they assume I paid 10X what they charged me. I couldn’t recommend them higher. I’m going to stop praising them for fear their price will go up".

- John Long

"Peachtree City Websites is the ultimate professional. The quality, style, and unique design of my website are a testament to their creativity and innate talent.  My website has been an essential marketing tool for my motivational speaking business.  I continue to receive rave reviews from everyone who has viewed my website.  Peachtree City Websites is efficient, attentive, and committed to customer service.  They also provide quick service whenever I need to update or edit the information on my website.  What would I do without you"?

- Sheryl Donald

"Because of Peachtree City Websites creativity, my website has been such an asset to my career!  People love it and it is truly a way to enhance your dreams.  I love my website and will keep it forever!  Thank you Peachtree City Websites for such an affordable and professional job".

- Patricia Mizen

"I have received nothing but rave reviews about my website!!  Everyone finds it very professional & easy to navigate.  It has saved me countless hours in writing letters to market my books, my workshops and myself. It's all there... I think of it as "one-stop shopping"... Peachtree City Websites is a rock star".

- Susan Danzig

"I couldn't be happier with my website!  It was so easy to get started! Peachtree City Websites walks you through everything making sure that you are getting exactly what you want.  It only took a few hours and I was up and running!  Any updates, questions or concerns you may have, they reply with an email in minutes!  They rock".

- Suzie Pollard

"Peachtree City Websites has done such an excellent job on my website!  I have gotten so many wonderful comments about it.  They have really given me the chance to look good and professional!  Everyone who has visited only has great things to say!  I've recommended him to all of my friends in the industry that needs this type of service!  They are GREAT".

- Alvetta Smith

"I really appreciate the customer service aspect of your business because speaking with you and being able to go through the process step by step made me feel really valued as a client. I still have no idea what creating a website entails, but I do know that my part in it was made as simple as possible, and the less I have to deal with, the better I feel about the overall product itself. I knew I wanted my website to look nice, but more importantly you were able to take that limited amount of direction and create something specific to my unique goals, personality, and style".

- Lakeisha Woodard

"Working with Peachtree City Websites has been one of the easiest, wisest things I could have done for my career. Not only is he very fast and thorough, but the work is well done.  They have definitely been a pleasure to work with. Because of their skills, I am now able to feel more confident that my website is a great professional tool in furthering my career. Thanks a million".

- Dee Lavender

"Peachtree City Websites is such a pleasure to work with. They are so efficient and detail oriented. I have been planning on getting my own website for a long time, but I just didn't know who to go to, and I was afraid there would be scammers out there. After talking to a couple of their clients on the phone, I was confident that they were the real deal and would be attentive to my needs. They are extremely quick at getting things done. If I wanted something changed or added, I email them my request, and within minutes they would have it corrected! I was amazed! I recommend them to all of my friends".

- Cassie Jaye

"I had been searching for someone to do my website for some time, but the prices were so high I just couldn't afford it. Then, when I came across Peachtree City Websites, I was skeptical. I thought the price was too good to be true! The quality is GREAT, and I have been quite pleased. I have been very satisfied with the prompt service, professionalism and all around quality that I get from Peachtree City Websites.  I would do it again in a heartbeat".

- Nequisha Risser

"What can I say!?... I love my website!  Peachtree City Websites not only works with you to get to where you want to go, but they do it in a professional and quick manner.  Their attention to detail is un-canny.  Having my website with Peachtree City Websites has made things SO MUCH EASIER and if there are any doubts, questions or updates you want to make to the website BAM!’s done".

- Javier Villarreal

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Peachtree City Websites is proudly rated 5 out of 5 stars
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